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I have never attended a virtual class, what can I expect?

We have found that most healthcare professionals prefer to attend sessions in a live classroom setting as opposed to” online” classes. In the event that a traditional classroom setting is not available in your area or to fit your scheduled. We have provided the next best solution. Virtual training.

Unlike the traditional “online” class, virtual classes are  live and instructor led classes providing participants the opportunity to gain necessary understanding.  The virtual sessions are available through your computer, smartphone, or utilizing a telephone only for audio.  The virtual classroom provides the student the flexibility, yet the structure of  instructor led access to rigorous, personalized education. In the virtual classroom, every student is actively engaged directly with the instructor, thereby offering a comprehensive and thorough understanding of each course taken.

Learning the MDS3.0 for the novice is quite complex.  We recommend taking full advantage of a more comprehensive 7 weeks of training, will serve as a great benefit.

Webcam is not necessary for the virtual classroom. We typically begin each session with a roll call to test audio for each student.

A hard copy of books and materials are provided in the MDS 3.0 certification course, in the event students wish not to participant utilizing a computer. A telephone number and access codes are automatically provided for each student upon enrolling.  Don’t allow fear of virtual classroom interrupt your career/and or professional goals! We will guide you from the beginning to the end.

How long does the MDS 3.0 Certification last?

MDS  certification is effective for two years. Within the two year period, recertification is available.

Can I take this course if I am already certified but have not been able to start employment?

Participants who have previous completed certification in programs outside of MDS Training Institute are welcomed to attend our  comprehensive sessions.

What is the difference between this MDS certification and other certification programs?

MDS Training Institute offers the longest and most comprehensive program available. We begin from ground zero so that if you have never worked as an MDS Coordinator, you are able to grasp the information effectively. We are known to successfully train beginners on the MDS process as well as how to obtain a position. During the training we discuss how to interview and you will even be given a copy of a sample resume to properly market yourself to prospective employers! MDS Training Institute differs from other certification programs in that we ensure you have the knowledge to begin or sustain a career in MDS.

Are your graduates able to gain employment?

Each outcome varies on the how well you are able to market the new knowledge that you have learned. Which is why MDS Training Institute provides a sample resume and will discuss interview tips during class. We are widely known for our students that have never worked in MDS, successfully gaining employment with positions that advertised “experienced only”. We also offer up to 1 year of continued support for a small fee, which allows you re-take the program as a guest. This gives you a place to ask questions or refresh your memory on the rules and regulations while on the job. Giving you and your new employer piece of mind.

Do you have to be a RN to be a MDS Coordinator?

No. Both LPN/LVNs and RNs are able to be MDS Coordinators.

What is the average salary of a MDS Coordinator?

The average salary of an MDS Coordinator depends on the area and workload of any given facility. However, the general expectations for entry level will be a few dollars more per hour that what that facility is paying their floor nurses. Most MDS Coordinators work Mon-Fri, 9-5 with holidays off!