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Restorative Nursing Certificate Program

Program Overview

This course is designed to provide participants with the roles and functions of restorative nursing in skilled nursing facilities. The concept of restorative nursing focuses on optimal improvement of the residents physical, mental, and psycho-social well-being. This course provides 60 hours of training required by Administrative code 300.1210 for Restorative Nursing.

Intended Audience: 

A certified restorative professional can assist with resident outcomes, maximizing reimbursement rates, and prepare for regulatory surveys. This 60 hour course will prepare the participant with knowledge necessary to implement, manage, and evaluate restorative programming.
Successful completion requirements including passing post test with 80%.
Two attempts are awarded to achieve passing score.
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Learning Objectives:   

  • Overview of restorative programming
  • Restorative care delivery systems
  • Completion of MDS 3.0 Restorative Nurse Sections
  • Restorative & PDPM Medicare October 2019
  • Section GG Review
  • Revamping Restorative Programs
  • Documentation requirements
  • Job Descriptions
  • Care-planning

Restorative Nursing Certificate Program 

Self Paced Online Course – 8 Modules Video Course

  • Designed for busy clinicians unable to meet scheduling requirements
  • Recorded course in same format as live sessions
  • One final exam with passing of 80% required (two attempts)
  • Hard copy of books and materials shipped to personal address or facility (please specify if shipping to facility)
  • Up to 60 days to complete program requirements (May complete when all requirements are met) 60 hours coursework.

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