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Managing the Interim Payment Assessment (IPA)

Interim Payment Assessment (IPA)

Join us a training for SNF professionals: Medicare Part A Interim Payment MDS Assessment (IPA). The IPA MDS is a optional Med A MDS utilized to maximize reimbursement. Knowing when to complete this MDS in SNF is critical. Join us for this detail training on the IPA MDS assessment.

Intended Audience:

This training is great for SNF participants interested in learning what it takes to Managing the Interim Payment Assessment (IPA). May include MDS Nurses, Coordinators, Social Services, Activity Managers, DON, ADON, Nurse Managers, Dietary Managers, Charge Nurses

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the IPA MDS?
  • How to case manage Medicare A Residents as a Team for the maximal understanding of the IPA option
  • How missing the IPA can cost your facility
  • Review of Medicare Payment System, PDPM Rehab and Nursing categories
  • Potential documentation requirements
  • (Invite your team to this training, DON, SS, Restorative, Nurse Managers, MDS, etc, even charge nurses are invited!)


Managing the Interim Payment Assessment (IPA)

Self-paced format

Cost 65.00